Photographer Moses Hacmon – Faces of Water (6 Pics)

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Moses Hacmon Faces of Water1 730x355 Photographer Moses Hacmon   Faces of Water

Whether you are religious, spiritual, an Atheist or scientist, everyone agrees that water is the source of life, if not life itself. Every thing that lives on our planet originated from water. We are sustained by its vital combination of hydrogen and oxygen in a perfect ratio of two-to-one. It was in water that man first saw his reflection, had his first glimpse of his existence.
But we cannot actually see water. Water completely ignores light waves, Light passes through water and for that reason it is clear. What we see when we look at water is light reflected off its surface. Water is – always has been — unseeable… until now.

Moses Hacmon’s Faces of Water is part art, part science, part spiritual awakening. It is a breathtaking, haunting collection of photographic images of water that transforms and advances our understanding of this life-giving substance, exposes a layer of reality previously hidden from sight.

Moses Hacmon Faces of Water3 730x347 Photographer Moses Hacmon   Faces of Water

Hacmon spent ten years studying water and developing a photographic technique that captures the hidden life of this substance, portrays its pure form in motion. Each the 500 images Hacmon created is like a fingerprint – no two are alike. Ultimately, the artist’s skilled use of high-quality print and photography gives the viewer an unparalleled experience of the magnificence of water, of its soul.

Moses Hacmon Faces of Water5 730x387 Photographer Moses Hacmon   Faces of Water

“I hope with Faces of Water to deepen our connection to our source of life, both spiritually and physically. I believe that visual information is capable of advancing the way we think and how we understand our environment. Seeing is believing, and this is the first time we truly see water in its pure form.”

Moses Hacmon Faces of Water2 730x352 Photographer Moses Hacmon   Faces of Water

“My goal for this project is to share with the world large-scale images of this beautiful magical world. Since the process is analog and the negatives are large I can develop exquisite images in large-scale with amazing details that reveal themselves as you get closer into the image. The prints for this exhibit will be 4 feet by 8 feet. Then when you stand close, your vision is surrounded by the image and most important, children can see it at eye level. This exhibit will be available to schools and educational organization that wish to enrich their students and community about water and the role it has in shaping our lives. The exhibition is designed to be free standing and easy to install in any space.”

Moses Hacmon Faces of Water6 730x387 Photographer Moses Hacmon   Faces of Water

Watch the video and support this project here

For more images and info –

Moses Hacmon Faces of Water4 730x345 Photographer Moses Hacmon   Faces of Water

Moses Hacmon is a collaborative artist, photographer and architect who strives to bring forth the ethereal and evocative in all mediums of his work. Constructing artistic relationships with his surroundings, Moses has turned his life into his artwork. His life’s main interest is the constant creation of physical objects that represent the spirit of the present time and space. He has been trained as a sculptor in Israel and as an architect in Los Angeles (Southern California Institute of Architecture, AIA honors award recipient, 2006).

Hacmon has researched water and its behavior for the past ten years. He observed its movement and structures from the point of view of an artist and an architect. He describes water as “nature’s most sophisticated builder. It’s small, conscious cells are the primary dwelling of all organic structures.”

Hacmon used his skills as a photographer to capture his findings visually. The artist works and conducts his research in his home studio in Los Angeles, which he has named “@home.” This spacious loft has become a gathering place for artists and creative thinkers from all over the world. Hacmon describes @home as a “space for innovation and experimentation with water consciousness” and “a true mad scientist laboratory.”

Link provided by Moses Hacmon.


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